Seamaty and Thailand's Top University Start Strategic Cooperation

release time:2022-05-31 10:56:03

Seamaty has recently entered into a strategic cooperation with Mahasarakham University (MSU) in Thailand, which will provide excellent teaching facilities for the university's animal medicine program, and lay a solid foundation for the university to train more and more well-rounded skilled personnel in animal medicine.

Mahasarakham University (MSU), with a history dating back to 1968, is a public comprehensive university with a long history in Thailand and is the first institution of higher education in Thailand to be rated by the QS Stars System for excellence in higher education. The university has over 40,000 students and has been ranked as one of the top 20 universities in Thailand according to the World University Webometrics.

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Mahasarakham University was established with four purposes in mind: teaching, research, academic service, and artistic and cultural continuity. To support this purpose, the School of Veterinary Medicine has opened two veterinary hospitals at Mahasarakham University (Downtown Campus) and (Nasinuan Campus). In 2020, a new teaching veterinary hospital will be opened at the Khamriang campus to support the teaching and research of the faculty members. It also provides animal medical services to the community in the vicinity of the University.

Mahasarakham Veterinary College

Dr. Taktan, who is the Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences at the Khamriang Campus, has overall responsibility for the faculty and animal laboratories at the veterinary hospital. According to her, "The hospital's testing laboratory has been using Idexx biochemical equipment. The cost of this product is relatively high, which is a burden to the faculty for teaching and research and to the community for pet owners. It was also a relatively complicated process for the school's testing staff to use on a daily basis."

Idexx Biochemical equipment

"After a comparative test and trial of the Seamaty product, it was found to be highly accurate, super easy to use, and can be well operated by non-professional inspectors after instruction. This not only enhances the efficiency of daily inspections in schools, but also reduces our costs and those of pet owners very well. Everyone is very satisfied with the SeamatySMT-120VP.

Based on this, we have entered into a partnership with Seamaty's Thai subsidiary."
On-site communication and discussion

Comparison test and trial of seamaty products

Caring for life and health for the benefit of the global public. It is believed that this cooperation is just the beginning, and Seamaty Thailand subsidiary will continue to strengthen the localization development and actively start more in-depth cooperation with Maha Sarakham University Veterinary College in the future. It will also work with more local animal medical schools in Thailand to enhance the development of local veterinarians in Thailand and promote veterinary learning and practice.

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